GAMECHANGER: Is Shaving Pubic Hair Related to Sexually Transmitted Infections?

GAMECHANGER: Is Shaving Pubic Hair Related to Sexually Transmitted Infections?

This information is changing my worldview and it may change yours as well!

The 1960’s and 1970’s are far behind us as a society. Habits of grooming are more advanced than they have ever been, with a number of products and services available on the market to suit the preferences of everyone.

Who doesn’t enjoy a freshly-shaved bikini line? Many choose not to maintain a line at all. Why not?

According to a new study, there may be at least some reason to leave a bit of “grass on the field.”

The University of California – San Francisco reports that people who regularly groom their pubic hair are 75% more likely to develop a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) than those who do not groom. On a related note, the number of STI cases is increasing.

How did the researchers arrive at the 75% statistic? They conducted a survey that included US residents between the ages of 18 and 65. Participants were questioned about their grooming habits, their sexual behaviors, and their STI history.

Apparently, the act of shaving may create “epidermal micro tears” than can allow the transmission of viruses like HPV and bacteria.

Researchers stated, ““Our hypothesis is that grooming is positively related to STIs.”

Specifically, the habit of “extreme grooming,” which is defined as the removal of all pubic hair more than eleven times per year along with high-frequency grooming (daily/weekly trimming,) correlates with a 28% likelihood that the groomer will report an STI.

“A better understanding of the relation between pubic hair grooming and STI risk,” the study says, “could lead to improved STI-reduction strategies.”

It is also thought that increased grooming also indicates a higher-number of sexual partners, which is obviously a major contributing factor.

On the bright side, shaving does minimize the chance of other sexually-transmitted problems, like pubic lice.

There is always a bright side to everything!


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