[VIDEO] Unbelievable! CNN Brings On Carrier Employee to Discredit Trump for Saving Jobs

Many people are very happy about the Carrier deal. They are happy that jobs were saved in Illinois, but CNN of course went out to find the one person that was not happy. Anything they can do to discredit Trump.

TJ Bray: We feell like, you know, we thought you were going to save all the jobs. We have 1,400 people at the facility — union, factory, regular jobs — and he didn’t say anything about the 400 that were already going to stay… So you know, it kind of seems like it was a dog and pony show. We were happy that no doubt some jobs were saved but disappointed we are still losing a lot of workers.

If Obama saved these jobs people would be jumping out of their skin with excitement. The truth is that failed Democrat policies forced companies like Carrier to entertain the idea of leaving the US in the first place. We should be thanking Trump for all he has already done.

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