Attempting To Surprise Groom; Bride Arriving By Helicopter is Killed in Crash Near Venue

Attempting To Surprise Groom; Bride Arriving By Helicopter is Killed in Crash Near Venue

(Scroll down for video) A groom was left devastated after learning that his bride died on the way to the wedding.

Since childhood, Rosemere do Nascimento Silva of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has dreamed of making her entrance to her wedding very special.

The 32-year-old bride asked one of her wedding organizers to arrange for a helicopter to fly her to the alter. However, she wanted it to be a surprise for the groom so she did not tell him about her plans.

The groom, Udirley Damasceno, waited at the altar and he had no idea why the bride was late.

The pastor told the groom about the tragic death of the woman he was about to marry. Witnesses said that the distraught groom went into total shock.

The 300 guests, who were waiting for the bride to arrive, were also informed about the devastating death.

The helicopter ride was supposed to be just 15 minutes, but it crashed in a wooded area just one mile from the venue, killing the pilot, the bride, her brother and the photographer who was six months pregnant.

Police are now investigating the cause of the crash, which may have been due to bad visibility from rain, fog and clouds.

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