Bully Follows His Peaceful ‘Victim’ Down The Road, But When He Stops Walking, IT IS ON

Bully Follows His Peaceful 'Victim' Down The Road, But When He Stops Walking, IT IS ON

Why not just leave the man alone? I’ll bet he will next time!

Live and let live. If someone is not trying to hurt you, why hurt them? How about defend yourself, only when it becomes necessary? The confrontation below is a perfect example of someone not knowing the seriousness of violence until their childish antics backfire on them.

This footage from shows a group of boys walking down a road. At the head of the pack, a boy dressed in a green jacket can be seen antagonizing one of his peers. The bully shoves his intended victim, and gets no response, but when he swipes a kick at his legs, suddenly the other boy snaps.

At first he makes a half-hearted swing that only prompts laughter from the group, but as the bully drops his guard he delivers a second blow to his jaw, which knocks him out cold with a disgusting popping sound.

He lies motionless on the ground as the group stand over him with their mobile phones, while one of his friends can be seen trying to fight the boy who has just sent him to the pavement.

Eventually the intended victim slips away as concern growns for the boy, who is still on the ground and seems extremely groggy as he sits up.

Lesson learned? Why in the world would you follow someone down the street who is clearly trying to avoid a confrontation? If you are going to start something, don’t do it with a corny shin kick and with your hands down.

The dude did not even have to put down his backpack!

Watch the lunacy for yourself, and DON’T BE THAT GUY!

In hindsight, it appears that the bully was not trained at all, while the intended victim likely had some fight training. That hook was fast and to the point!

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