Ohio Approves A Concealed Carry Bill On Campus Following Horrific OSU Attack

A bill allowing licensed gun owners to carry concealed firearms on college campuses was passed Friday by Ohio lawmakers, Reuters has reported.

This comes less than two weeks after a stabbing attack at Ohio State University left 11 injured.

The state’s senate passed the bill 22-8 after representatives did likewise 68-25 late Thursday, Reuters said. All that remains is the signature of Republican Gov. John Kasich.

If the bill becomes state law, Reuters said trustees at public colleges would have the option to allow concealed carry.

More from Reuters:

The legislation also removed a state ban on carrying a concealed weapon in public areas of airports and daycare centers, local media reported. Operators would be able to choose whether to prohibit guns in their buildings.

However, late on Thursday the House of Representatives removed provisions from the bill that would have allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons into government buildings such as libraries and city halls.

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