ONE MILLION VIEWS SO FAR: Cop HALTS Traffic Outside Of Walmart, Fortunately The Cameras Were Rolling

INSANE: Cop HALTS Traffic Outside Of Walmart, Fortunately The Cameras Were Rolling

Police are in the news a lot these days. Smartphones capture what they are up to…

Often, City Police and County Sheriff’s Departments work together. This is definitely the case with the Cleveland (Tennessee) Police Department and the Bradley Count Sheriff’s Department recently.

In fact, their collaboration this time involved a competition, all for a good cause.

The two law enforcement agencies staged the “Battle of the Bells” outside of a local Walmart. Each would choose an entrance door to help raise money for the Salvation Army’s Kettle Drive. Only one winner would emerge.

A number of interesting strategies were employed. Some offered special police “challenge coins” in exchange for donations. Undoubtedly, Officer Sean Bulow found the best way to stop traffic and get the job done.

After manning his post for a few moments with Officer Russell Fredericks, Bulow took the competition to an entirely new level.

“I said put some music on and people started filming it,” said Bulow. Officers blasted music through the patrol cars’ PA systems, then things got wild.

Bulow’s entertaining routine stole the show and the video has gone viral.

Take a look for yourself:

Bulow’s moves are so inspiring that a number of viewers have asked if he is single. Unfortunately, for these ladies, the answer is: Bulow is happily married.

Bulow says that his now famous dance move is called “The Bulenator.” Happily, his moves have helped to raise awareness and dollars for the Red Kettle Campaign.

“I know Salvation Army helps the needy and I just wanted to give back to the community and see what I can do to raise some money,” said Bulow. He believes his dance moves helped to achieve that.

In only a few hours, the CPD raised $1,141.06, giving them the win over the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office.

Congrats and thank you to all involved. These public servants have helped to make the Season of Giving fun!




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