BRILLIANT: Protester Tries To Eat Live Tarantula OFF OF A GIANT SNAKE

BRILLIANT: Protester Tries To Eat Live Tarantula OFF OF A GIANT SNAKE

At least his efforts are in support of a good cause…

The deforestation of the Amazon is an issue that many feel needs to be addressed. Activists feel that once the forest is cut down, thousands of years of growth will be lost forever at the expense of “progress” that is destructive and unhealthy.

In a way, these activists remind me of Colin Kaepernick. In Kaepernick’s case, it is true that a small number of police officers do things that they should not do. On the other hand, the problem is not prolific or widespread, and Kaepernick’s bizarre kneeling protests are misguided and overblown. In short, Kaepernick does not have it right.

In a similar vein, rains forest protesters have a few good points. Deforestation and modernization should be measured and smart. Like Kaepernick, this guy’s protest does not fit the bill. It is true that going to the rainforest, wrapping chains all over yourself, and messing with snakes and tarantulas is a great way to get attention, but does it make sense contextually?

This film, shot in Jacunda, Brazil, features a protester named Arteval Duarte. It is unclear what Duarte’s initial goal was with the snakes and the tarantula, but he ends up trying to put the snake’s head into his mouth where he already holds a live tarantula. Make sense to you?

It is also odd to watch him blow up a balloon and then allow the snake to pop it. That was kinda cool, I suppose.

Watch the buffoonery for yourself below:

Unfortunately, the snake and the spider did not choose to cooperate with the protest. Who said that saving the forests would be easy?

I don’t know about you, but I have some concern over the future of the rainforest, but the antics of this man have not influenced my opinion in the least.

Keep trying, Arteval!


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