The Newly Released Video Of Dylann Roof At Church With Gun Is Chilling, Ghostlike

The Newly Released Video Of Dylann Roof Leaving Church With Gun Is Chilling, Ghostlike

9 people murdered. You can feel the depravity.

Prior to the release of the chilling video below, the FBI had just released another at the long-awaited trial of Dylann Roof.  Roof laughed as he confessed.

“I went to that church in Charleston and I did it,” he said, then laughed.

“Did you shoot them?” a law enforcement officer asked a calm and composed Roof.

“Yes,” Roof replied, followed by another laugh.

Asked how many people he killed that day, the young man in the mushroom-shaped haircut replied calmly: “If I was going to guess, five maybe. I’m really not sure.”

He admitted to walking into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church with a Glock 45 and firing 70 rounds. The self-proclaimed white supremacist went on to say that he did not talk to anyone, he just conducted his killing spree then left.

He drank a little before going to the church. The worshippers handed him a sheet of Bible verses and Roof sat with them for about fifteen minutes before taking action. He says that he was deliberating whether or not to carry out his murderous plan.

“Somebody had to do it,” Roof said of the slayings. He added that “black people are killing white people everyday… What I did is so minuscule compared to what they do to white people every day.”

He emptied seven magazines into the crowd, his goal to make a political statement and to agitate race relations. He believes that white people are the superior race and that his crime absolutely had to be committed.

The deranged 22-year-old said that he feels bad that people died yet somehow he still feels that the shooting would somehow improve our society.Video below shows roof exiting the church with his gun. He says that he was surprised that police were not outside waiting for him.

There truly are few words to describe a horror such as this.

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