[Watch] “The Rock” and Jimmy Fallon Pull Off ULTIMATE Soldier Homecoming

There is no doubt that Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, has a deep love for America and our military. This “Rock the Troops” special on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is set to air in a few days from Pearl Harbor. Fallon and Johnson took the opportunity to make it EPIC and surprised a veteran working in the control room. Even Jimmy was in shock at how well it went.

Explaining to Fallon that we should honor and thank U.S. service members whenever we can, Johnson then leads the host up into the audience, and finally out of the studio, to find Karina, a Tonight Showproducer and veteran. “What is happening?” she cries. Johnson then reveals that he knows about her military experience, and that she met her husband, an Air Force sergeant named Todd, when they were deployed together—but that he’s still working overseas. Of course, this is all just a very clever distraction so that Todd can sneak up behind his unsuspecting wife.

Take a look.


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