Can Smoke Be Blown Out Of The Ears?

Can Smoke Be Blown Out Of The Ears?

This girl makes vaping look sexy and HARD TO BELIEVE!

It is an interesting question and an even more interesting party trick. Can a person blow smoke out of their ears?

Video #1 shows what appears to be a man doing exactly that. Take a look, consider the factors, then do not miss the AMAZING WOMAN in Video #2.

A consideration of the parts of the ear is helpful in this discussion.


It is easy to see how smoke could easily flow through the Ear Canal. It is a canal, after all. It is also easy to see that smoke could flow through the Eustachian Tube on the lower right. The Eustachian Tube connects to the pharynx, so someone vaping or smoking might be able to pull it off. The problem lies in between the Ear Canal and the Eustachian Tube with the ear drum. Looks like a barrier to smoke, doesn’t it?

Speculators over at Naked Science have taken on the issue and arrived at a similar conclusion: the ear drum can prevent the free flow of smoke. Some say that doctors can surgically place “grommets” into the ear drums, which could allow for the passage of smoke.

Other users say that, after the common childhood procedure that involves the placement of “tubes”  into the ears, smoke can pass through. Perhaps that is the case of the man in Video #1 above. Perhaps, he ruptured his ear drum at some point without properly healing, hence his insane smoke blowing trick?

Then there is this incredible woman in Video #2. Her tricks are amazing, and truthfully, so good that they are hard to follow. I cannot completely tell what she is doing, but I don’t care, as her seductive expressions at the end drive me wild. Look at her eye contact and her wink!

In any event, also watch for the ear/smoke trick:

What do you think?

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