[WATCH] Armed Robber Puts Gun To The Head Of A WRESTLER WITH A MOP

[WATCH] Armed Robber Puts Gun To The Head Of A WRESTLER WITH A MOP

The wet floor from the mop bucket takes this encounter to a whole new level!

Clearly, there are a number of things that this armed robber did not think through. First of all, he did not realize just how slippery the floor would be given that this kid was mopping it. Second, he did not realize that the man was a wrestler and a grappler, and that he would not be an easy victim. Lastly, it is evident that the robber was not really interested in pulling the trigger. Perhaps, he did not want to kill anyone, he just wanted fast cash, and the wrestler with a mop did not want to give it up.

Rule #1 of close-quarters gun fighting: If you are gong to pull a gun on someone, maintain control of the gun. Stand back a few feet and shoot accurately. It is said that, in extreme close quarters, a drawn knife is more effective than a gun because an attacker can start stabbing before the gun is brought to bear. In this case, the robber rushes the mopping clerk and points the gun to his head. Why, for any reason, would a gun to the head help his goal of robbing the store? He could have maintained his distance to avoid a counterattack from the intended victim.

Rule #1 for engaging a person with a weapon is: gain control of the weapon and keep control. The kid with the mop starts out properly by isolating the gun, but then the wet floor causes a crazy scramble. The kid tries a double-leg takedown and a guillotine choke, neither of which is a good idea when the attacker has a gun. What is to stop the guy from shooting you while you trying your grappling moves?

Gain control of the weapon. Keep control of the weapon.

Because this robber did not want to shoot, and because the floor was so wet and slippery, this entire event looked somewhat like a cartoon.

What would you have done? Given him the money? Fought back?

Watch and decide for yourself!

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