[WATCH] Thief Steals Packages, Man Sets Hidden Camera And INCENDIARY ‘Bait Box’

[WATCH] Thief Steals Packages, Man Sets Hidden Camera And INCENDIARY GROSS ‘Bait Box’

He was tired of his packages being stolen, so he got revenge on the thief with a SMELLY, DISGUSTING gift of his own! BANG!

The package thief had been ravaging the California neighborhood for some time. Mike Zaremba, a disgruntled homeowner, decided that enough was enough after three packages had been stolen from his front porch alone.

This revenge scheme is about as gross as it gets and things continued to get worse for the thief.

The Zarembas decided to invite friends over to celebrate the birthday of their dog. Everyone brought their dog, so a grand total of eight dogs ran amuck in the Zarembas’ yard.

“Our Great Dane had her first birthday so my wife threw her a birthday party. We had 7-8 dogs here.” Zaremba told KCBS.

After the party, Mike gathered up all of the dog poop, from EIGHT DOGS, one of them being a Great Dane, and put it in a USPS box on the front porch.

Like clockwork, the package thief returned and made away with the disgusting surprise.

“At first I really felt violated even though I knew what was inside the package, I was still like, he stole from me!” Zaremba said.

Unfortunately, for the thief, security cameras identified him as Daniel Aldama. Aldama was charged with a misdemeanor, petty theft, and also for a violation of state parole.

As for the dog poop:

“He dropped it as soon as he found out,” Ronel Newton of the Riverside Police Department said. “He didn’t want nothing to do with it and kept on riding.”

Watch the hilarious video for yourself below:

Stealing packages used to be easy, but now almost everyone has security cameras or, at a minimum, the ability to record via smartphone. Perhaps the thief should wear a better disguise?

We are certainly glad that he didn’t!


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