Muslim-Owned Restaurant Hangs A Christmas Sign That SHOCKS The Community And Goes Viral

This is a bold move for a Turkish restaurant!

This London restaurant, called Shish, specializes in Turkish food, and they recently surprised a number of people with their Christmas sign.

On Christmas Day, Shish will welcome the homeless as well as the elderly for a lavish three-course meal. The plan is to offer the meal FREE OF CHARGE!

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-3-47-45-pmFor those who cannot afford a lavish, warm meal, this is a Christmas treat, indeed. But there is more! The new sign hanging in front of Shish looks like this:


Free Of Charge

No one eats alone on Christmas Day!

We are here to sit with you.

3 course meal for the homeless

from 12-6pn

Any Homeless or elderly are welcomed*


Soup and Cacik

Main Course

Chicken Casserole

Vegetarian Casserole

Chicken Shish


Rice Pudding

The owner, Hasan Masud, simply wants to help people.

“We’re just helping people,” Masud said. “Lots of people stay home alone for Christmas… They don’t need to. They can come here and have some fun.”

The sign at the front of Shish has gone viral. Few expected such a message from Shish at Christmas and people are both surprised and thrilled!

With the popularity of the sign growing, Shish has decided to upgrade a bit with an official Christmas Dinner flyer.

This is what the Spirit of Christmas is all about! It makes me want to visit London just to check it out!

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Many believe it to be a time for feasting or partying.

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