Refugee Rapists Run Screaming When Victim Pulls Out Her ‘Secret Weapon’

Thanks to liberal diversification plans, Denmark has quickly become a breeding ground for Muslim migrant crime. The area use to be an amazing tourist location but is now filled with dangerous ghettos where refugees, and mostly Muslim men, have turned it into an area run by Sharia law.  An area that has become especially dangerous for women who have been disarmed by their own country and left as sitting ducks.  Fortunately, one woman found a way to protect herself against migrant rape.

On Sunday morning, police got a call that a 41-year-old woman was  attacked by three immigrant men who came up to her in the woods. One grabbed her arms and tried to drag her away from the path as another began to grope her. The three men, however, did not count on the woman fighting back and little did they know the other surprise that was waiting for them.  The woman had been walking her dog on the overgrown path, and when she began struggling, the pooch’s instincts kicked in. The dog suddenly realized that his owner was in danger when the third migrant attempted to remove the leash from the woman’s hand, prompting the angry canine to attack, sinking his fangs into the refugee’s thigh.

As soon as the dog latched onto the migrant, his cowardly friends ran away screaming, leaving their wounded accomplice behind. The third migrant finally managed to loose himself from the dog’s jaws, joining his terrified associates in fleeing the scene. Thanks to the faithful hound, the woman was saved from a horrific gang rape and possibly worse.




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