[Video]This is Why SCHOOL SHOOTINGS Happen! This is Going to Make you Angry

For years, anti-bullying groups have drawn a connection between bullying and school shootings. The Department of Health and Human Services’s Stopbullying.gov website reports that the perpetrators of 12 of 15 school shootings in the 1990s had a history of being bullied. Witnesses of a 2013 shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada recall the 12-year-old shooter telling a group of students, “You guys ruined my life, so I’m going to ruin yours.”

A new study based on a survey of more than 15,000 American high school students found that victims of bullying are nearly twice as likely to carry guns and other weapons at school. An estimated 200,000 victims of bullying bring weapons to school over the course of a month, according to the authors’ analysis of data from theĀ Centers for Disease Control’s 2011 Youth Risk Surveillance System Survey. That’s a substantial portion of the estimated 750,000 high school students who bring weapons to school every month.

Of course the left tries to add their twist to the situation stating thatĀ focusing too much on bullying as a cause of school shootings may distract from other important factors, such as mental health and access to weapons.A Washington Post article last year summed up this critique: “We all want to find a simple motivation when children go to school intending to do harm, but the problem in blaming school shootings on ‘bullying’ is that it lets us off the hook too easily.”

WATCH this young boy get bullied and NOBODY stood up for him. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CHILDREN AND SCHOOLS. Get involved parents and make sure that this isn’t your kid.




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