[VIDEO] This Normal Looking Jetliner Can Perform The Most INCREDIBLE Maneuver EVER Seen

During the preparations for the 2015 Paris Air Show, Boeing unveiled a new plane they’re adding to their fleet. The 727-9 Dreamliner, which is scheduled to participate in the show later this month, has technical capabilities unlike any of their other airplanes.

Watch the short video now to see exactly how this plane can ascend into the air with precision and at a sharp angle. I can assure you it’s probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Prepare to be amazed with just a short video clip!

The steep takeoff that this plane is able to perform is absolutely insane. If you’re like me, you’ll be shocked during the first minute of this video when you see the plane leaving the runway. You don’t even need to be a plane enthusiast or necessarily even like or have an interest in planes to be enjoy this clip.

Looking at the plane and watching the clip you might think this is a smaller plane, but it can actually hold up to 280 passengers.

This amazing vertical takeoff took place at the 2015 Pair Air Show, a very distinct trade show featuring many different manufacturers of airplanes. During the air show, the goal of the manufacturers is to show off their latest and greatest airplane models to attract potential buyers.

“Filmed above Moses Lake, Washington, the video spotlights technical maneuvers that showcase some of the airplane’s many capabilities,” the company said in a press release.

Watch the video:

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