REPORT: ‘Undeniable’ threat of New Year terror attack in US

Security services throughout the Western world remain on high alert for a New Year terror attack after ISIS distributed new propaganda about how to carry out mass killings.

The US Army said on Friday the chances of an attack on American soil were low but “undeniable”.

 A bulletin said: “There are no indications of specific threats to the US Homeland.

“However the threat from homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) in the United States is undeniable.”

A separate bulletin revealed that two recent issues of
Rumiyah, an ISIS propaganda publication, did “provide information on conducting knife attacks and using vehicles to cause mass casualties in populated areas.”

Such tactics were used in recent attacks on civilians in
Nice, France, Berlin and in Columbus, Ohio.

A record number of police will be on patrol in New York (Photo: REUTERS)
Security services around the Western world remain on high alert (Photo: REUTERS)

In Times Square, where thousands will gather for New Year celebrations, the Army will deploy 100 “blocker vehicles” and 7,000 police officers – 1,000 more than were deployed last year.

It comes after police in France arrested a man suspected of having planning a New Year terror attack.

Two other people, one of whom is suspected of having planned an attack on police, were arrested in another police raid in Toulouse.

The man arrested in Cugnaux, west of Toulouse, “is known to (police) services, he is suspected of wanting to carry out an attack on Dec 31,” a police source said.


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