[VIDEO] Islamic Teen Reveals REAL Reason She Lied About Being Attacked By Trump Supporters

Last week, a Muslim teen went running to the police claiming that a group of three Trump supporters attacked her because of her religion on a NYC subway. Because the New York Police Department are sworn to protect and serve their community, they took her complaint seriously. They scoured security footage and quickly realized that her story wasn’t adding up.

When asked about it, the teen 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid admitted that she made the whole thing up because the wanted to get attention from her family. Now she is being charged with a serious crime for filing a false report.

Learn more about how the police plant to punish this liar…

When the leader of the liberal party is a proven liar, the followers start to think it is okay to make up false information about people to get their way.

What Yasmin Seweid did is no different than the lies Hillary Clinton told about Donald Trump during the election.

But like all of Clinton’s lies, Seweid watched as her untruths blew up in her face and karma caught up with her…

On December 1 Seweid claimed that a group of three white male Trump supporters assaulted her and tried to steal her hijab while calling her a “terrorist” and chanting “Trump! Trump!”

She claims the three drunken white men said, “Oh look, a f***ing terrorist. Get the hell out of the country! You don’t belong here!”

Seweid then went on to describe how the three drunken white men screamed at her and demanded that she “Get the hell out of the country!” because she is a Muslim and anti-Trump.

 Her story convinced the police and they started investigating her claims. She sat with the police at Grand Central Station for hours. She even tried to identify the men on surveillance video. That’s when the experienced officers quickly realized that something wasn’t adding up.

That’s when the police confronted Seweid about her story and she confessed she made the whole thing up. She wanted attention because she was having issues with her family and thought lying about Trump would solve all of her problems.


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