Judge Judy ANNIHILATES 21-Year-Old Welfare Leech Who Fathered 10 Children [VIDEO]

I LOVE Judge Judy!. Known for her sass and no nonsense attitude while in her courtroom, she can make even the proudest person look stupid all while being fair. One of her most recent victims is a 21 year old that has fathered 10 children with 4 different women. After he decided to mouth off, Judge Judy completely ANNIHILATED him on national television. And we’ve got the clip below to prove it…

As you know, Judge Judy likes to get down to business. When the man steps up to the stand accusing the other woman of selling him illegal goods, he accidentally admits he has ten children.

Take a look.

Do you think he should be allowed to have ten children by age 21? Be sure to leave your comments.

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