Man Who Raped and Murdered a 3-Year-Old Thought He Could Cheat the System, Get’s What He Deserves

Normally when 2 people start dating it’s because they want to be with each other, that’s pretty standard. When Ronald Phillips started dating his ex-girlfriend, she didn’t think anything of their relationship being outside the usual and things went on as normal. Phillips had eventually gained his girlfriend’s trust and she allowed him to watch her 3 year old little girl. After a time, Phillips began to take “liberties” with the little girl and one day this sick fu*k took things even further and raped this poor baby till she died.  The psychopathic child molester did not show remorse for his crime when Ohio police arrested him and has managed to get his lawyers to push off his death over and over again by various means. Finally this little girl will have some justice.

Because Ronald Phillips considered himself to be a “badass” and a “gangsta”, he thought prison would be as easy as pie for someone like him. But as everyone, except Phillips apparently, fellow prisoners don’t take kindly to child rapists and molesters.

When Ronald Phillips walked into prison, he had no idea the type of punishment coming for him…

But with people who are the “worst of the worst”, they have little hope of getting back the life they once had.

For a while Phillips survived his prison sentence because his fellow convicts didn’t know what he had done. He was in jail since 1993 after killing the toddler. And if she was still alive, she would be a 26-year-old woman today.

Phillips had a planned execution set for February 15. But when he heard that Obama was releasing prisoners, he thought he could be next. In steps Governor Kasich…

Although Governor John Kasich did not win the Republican nominee, he has stepped up as a leader. Now Ronald Phillips is slated to be the first Ohio man killed by the state in 2017, under an updated process of putting condemned prisoners to death.

Phillips’ attorneys tried to reverse the lethal injection decision and get him life in prison instead, but then governor John Kasich stepped in and said:

“Given the extremely brutal nature of the offense committed against an innocent 3-year-old child, I agree with the Ohio Parole Board’s recommendation that clemency is not warranted in this case,” the governor said in a statement, following his final say in this killer’s fate.

Ronald Phillips continues to avoid responsibility. It is time for justice to be served. And he was put to death.

Because Barack Obama only has a few more days as president, he is struggling to extend his liberal agenda. By releasing prisoners, he hopes to get more voters on the streets and flood places like Chicago and New York with criminals to make President-elect Donald Trump look bad. If crime rises under Trump’s presidency, we know who to point the finger at…


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