“We Do Not Hire Liberals”: Application Sign Turns People Away Who Lack “Logic Skills”

When a store owner decided to hire new people, he needed to make sure that the “liberals” out there wouldn’t take offense when he admitted the truth. Since he wants his business to be successful, he has a right to choose the best candidate to fill the slot. And because he knows that a certain group of people are less than another, he made a choice to point out the reasons why and shut them down before they even step foot into his store groveling for employment.

Not only has this store owner expressed his reasons for not hiring liberals, he has given a voice to conservative business owners everywhere who feel the same way about the “emotional” liberals coming in begging for jobs. Now businesses across the country and copy what sign and put it in their windows too.

Check out what it said and why this employment sign is going viral:

Because conservative businesses now have hope again – since President-elect Donald Trump will make domestic business boom once more – they are on a hiring spree to get new people to fill job vacancies.

One small business owner needs new employees. From personal experience and based on the news reports going around the country, he knows that hiring a liberal would be the wrong move. And he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. In the store window, he posted:


Could this sign hit on the truth any better? Most liberals advocate for causes because they “feel right.” Seldom do they look into the future and think about the consequences. Like gun control. If they took the guns away from the police, how would America be able to fight back against the bad guys.

Besides accusing every police officer of being a racist, Black Lives Matter and other militant groups want to disarm every police officer.

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