The Internet Noticed Something TOTALLY DISTRACTING At The ‘Mad Dog Mattis’ Confirmation Hearing

The Internet Noticed Something DISTRACTING At The 'Mad Dog Mattis' Confirmation Hearing

It was supposed to be a Defense Confirmation Hearing but no one could concentrate…

Keep your attention on General Mattis, boys. Eyes forward. Focus.

People were certainly struggling during the serious confirmation hearing of General James “Mad Dog” Mattis hearing. As expected, Mattis is all business, and a little scary, but who is the blonde behind him?

The Internet Noticed Something DISTRACTING At The 'Mad Dog Mattis' Confirmation Hearing


“Trying to stay focused on the Mattis confirmation. The hot blonde behind his right shoulder is making it difficult.”

Reportedly, she is Mattis’ communications director. A true professional. She is also extremely hot.

We are working overtime to track down more information about this blonde woman and her background. Until then, she will remain a mystery.

There are lots of interesting things to be found on the news and, of course, on the internet these days. Did you happen to see Trump’s press conference on Wednesday? People are abuzz about something that appeared on his podium.

Check it out, here or click the image below:


Isn’t it a great time to pay attention to Washington, D.C., for once? Trump trolls the media and the liberals on a daily basis. Obamacare is being repealed as we speak. There are fewer and fewer appearances of any of the Clintons on television.

There are hot blondes, like the girl in the photo, or like Ivanka Trump, in the news daily.

America truly is becoming great again.


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