Homeless Guy Transforms A Storage Locker Into Unbelievably SICK Living Space

Homeless Guy Transforms A Storage Locker Into Unbelievably SICK Living Space

This guy’s “apartment” is incredible but it is more amazing that he DID NOT GET CAUGHT!

After hiking the 2,569 Pacific Crest Trail, this guy returned to find himself homeless and in need of money. He had placed his belongings in a storage unit before leaving, and decided to try to “fly under the radar” and make the storage unit his home.

As he says in the beginning of the video, he had to turn himself into a “ghost.” I am surprised that security cameras did not catch him during the elaborate setup, but, clearly, he got away with it.

“I had just came back from hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and found myself homeless. I had given up my apartment to go hike and now that I was back I wanted to turn my car into a livable space. I eventually did that (You can see it here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLA2h…) but found I still needed access to lots of stuff from my storage unit which was 6x4x10 and everything was just jammed in there. I figured there had to be a better way. I scoped out a 10x10x6 unit and moved all my stuff inside. Still super small, I managed to build shelves and organize it in a way where everything is accessible. But why stop there! I decided to build shelves and a water system and setup my actual apartment so I could live there. I was moving in! I ended up living in the unit for around 2 months. I only spent around $100 making the space as efficient as I did, mostly because I already owned so much hardware. The cost of rent on my unit was $205 a month (which included insurance). A bargain, considering an apartment in the area was $1000+ a month. I made this video showcasing my work/unit.”

Take look at this incredible living space, below:

This just goes to show what a person can accomplish if they think original thoughts and are not afraid to try!

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