She Promised That She Would Get A ‘Low’ Tattoo If Clemson Won…

She Promised That She Would Get A 'Low' Tattoo If Clemson Won...

She has a history of making wild bets but this time she paid up!

Last year, this college girl named Peyton Darnell promised the world that she would get a “lock her up” tattoo on her posterior if Donald Trump one. The saga of that promise is ongoing, and we will report more of that in a few minutes, but, at the moment, we can say that we are happy about a promise that Peyton did keep: She got the Clemson tattoo she promised after the National Championship Football game.

Back in August, Peyton promised an ass tat if Clemson actually won it all, through a tweet:

Unlike the Hillary Clinton promise, Peyton ponied up for Clemson.

Not bad, Peyton.

Evidently, Peyton is a little worried that her family will be upset with her.

Her dad does not seem to be too upset though.

Peyton did post pieces of other pictures but, bizarrely, she has pulled them down. Here is an example:


So, what is to come of the Hillary Clinton, lock her up tattoo? Peyton once said that she did not have the money to get the Hillary one.

Later, she announced a GoFundMe account to raise funds.

The night of the election, I tweeted “I will literally get a “Lock Her Up” ass tat if Trump can pull this off”. Sure enough, Trump pulled off.

I forgot about the tattoo promise until Busted Coverage released an article about my tattoo. I have $1.96 in my bank account, but people have offered to pay for it if I created a gofundme. And after being called out by BC, i can’t let it go.

Any amount donated past what it costs to pay for the tattoo will be donated to Operation Homefront, a veteran nonprofit that provides assistance to veterans and their families.
Help spread the word!

We have our doubts about the Hillary tattoo, but we are happy to see a Trump supporter doing well!


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