Police Release The Hottest Dashcam Video In The History Of Law Enforcement

Police Release The Hottest Dashcam Video In The History Of Law Enforcement

Should this cop be embarrassed or proud that a naked woman stole his truck?

Authorities have released bodycam and surveillance footage of a woman they say stole a police vehicle while nude before leading officers on a high-speed chase.

Lisa Luna first made national news when a deputy said he came upon the 31-year-old as she walked naked down a road. Luna was quickly back in the headlines after she decided to participate in a jailhouse interview in which she explained to local reporters that she believes she was poisoned by a relative, causing her to behave erratically.

Watch the insane footage below:

This footage, evidently, concludes the wild story. Earlier, we reported:

The woman was not clothed, was disoriented, and making claims that she had been sexually assaulted when the deputy responded to the call. He entered a gas station in Gila Bend to look for her and left his vehicle running. The woman jumped in and drove off, with the deputy trying desperately to stand on the running board before falling off. The woman exceeded 100-mph on I-10 on her way to Tucson.

Authorities chased her down and reported that she would not follow orders, so they shot her in the legs with bean bags and took her into custody.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the wild encounter.

Watch below:

I need to get a closer look, but I believe this woman could have a future in show business. Maybe it is the craziness or the drugs or something, but she has a hot quality, right?

This is not the first time a chase like this has happened. New Mexico law enforcement dealt with the following a few months ago:

A nude, female driver led Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office deputies on a wild chase along Highway 599 Saturday morning and it was all captured on camera.

According to a criminal complaint, the chaos started when drivers on I-25 northbound reported a woman throwing things out of her silver Toyota Rav4’s window. A SFCSO deputy decided to post up at the 599 exit, waiting to catch the driver.

Sure enough, the car and driver in question exited at 599 and made a left turn from the far right turn lane, right in front of the deputy. The chase began.

The driver, identified as 51-year-old Barbara Arellano, didn’t pull over, but did turn on the emergency flashers for the car while fleeing. She then ran a red light, sped up to more than 100 miles an hour, and nearly ran another driver off the road. Then, when she tried to blow the red light at 599 and Airport Drive, Arellano crashed into a truck that had the right of way.

Her car went flying on impact, and when she got out of her crashed car is when things got weird. Arellano ran naked across 599, yelling and pointing at the deputy. It was all caught on dash camera.

Deputies chased her, off-camera, tackled and cuffed her. She reportedly struggled with them while yelling “Jehovah!” over and over again.

Watch below:


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