Woman Notices Something Spooky In Picture Of Her Son, Goes Viral

Woman Notices Something Spooky In Picture Of Her Seen, Goes Viral

She could not believe her eyes and no one else can either!

This mother snapped a quick photo of her happy son in the store and did not realize what she captured until she returned home. The internet is going wild over it!

Watch below:

You never know when an image will go wild on the internet.

At first, this image looks to be the beginning of a great party (perhaps the greatest party ever!)

There are a number of things that jump out at me, at first. The girl on the far left, and the one who is sitting second from the right, appear to have done their hair, and perhaps make-up, and are wearing jewelry. The other girls look more unkempt, as if they have not started getting ready yet, or, they are not going out at all and the other girls just arrived from somewhere else.


It also appears that there are more articles of clothing in the tub than the girls would want us to believe. Take a look at the girl with dark hair, second from the left. She is crossing her arms to cover herself, and it appears that she has a one-piece bathing suit pulled down to her waist.

The photo is a party setup, likely intended to tease their friends on social media. A stunt, and a smart one at that. Who would not want to see five young, attractive, supposedly unclothed girls in the bath?

Upon, closer inspection, however, this image appears to be more like the start of a horror movie. Zoom in to the left of the image, just above the dark-haired girl.


Is that a face and a hand gesture?


Upon further inspection, it does not appear to be a gesture, but simply a hand pressed against the glass. My first thought was that someone was “photobombing” the girls’ funny moment and entering the picture without their knowledge.

Now, I believe that someone was truly trying to get a peek inside of the bathroom. It may not be a criminal or creep, in fact, it could be another girl or one of their friends, just wondering what is going on in the house?

Or, maybe it is a real-life horror film?



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