Kids Say The Damnedest Things [PHOTOS]

One of the huge benefits of being a parent is getting to hear the comments made by your children which is often embarrassing also.  They see the world from an honest and innocent point of view and they often are closer to the truth than we are.  Here are a few examples:


Another kid made a very cheeky remark to his father when he was given permission to share his parents' bed 

The red-faced mothers and fathers disclosed the funny sayings including one mother who was told she was a 'terrible cook' 

Children often say some off-the-wall things and their parents have been revealing them online

This little one made a very funny remark about shaving when he was spotted with a face covered in toothpaste

Not all this parents were too embarrassed - like this caregiver after his toddler precociously asked for bee

One father was dropped right into a sticky situation by his child when speaking to his mother-in-law 

A Whisper confessionAnother dad was humiliated by his toddler over the size of a certain part of his anatomy

Some of the comments were just plain weird including one child you called his mother a Christmas tree 

A very cheeky child told his mother that he wanted facial hair just like her when he grows up 

One child ratted out his parents for teaching how to say a mildly rude word 


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