Under Trump the Media to Be Persona Non Grata

Donald Trump and his White House staff are leaning towards disallowing the press access to the White House.  Why not?  They make up their own news anyway.  There’s no need for them to attend a briefing.


Citing three “senior sources,” Esquire first reported the plan under consideration in President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team, which Spicer later acknowledged to the magazine.

“There’s been so much interest in covering a President Donald Trump,” he said. “A question is: Is a room that has forty-nine seats adequate? When we had that press conference the other day, we had thousands of requests, and we capped it at four hundred,” he told the publication. “Is there an opportunity to potentially allow more members of the media to be part of this? That’s something we’re discussing.”

Reporters, who have long sat in the West Wing, could potentially end up in the Old Executive Office Building, next door or in the White House Conference Center by  Lafayette Square, Esquire reports.

In all likelihood, Trump didn’t want that many liberals hanging out where he lives and works.  Do you blame him?  I mean what effect do you think that would have on the property value?  BuzzFeed has been making up their own news and the WaPo almost daily edits their stories to make Trump look bad even though he never said or did anything they claim.  They have had to run up to four corrections before they get a story right.  Ditto, CNN.

I would be willing to bet they do something else different.  Seating is either based on seniority or length of time the publication has covered the daily briefings.  I look for that to change, with favored reporters getting favored seating and fake news sites will be seated in the back.


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