Mass Shooting Disrupts MLK Celebration, Multiple Injuries Reported [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Miami

So far eight people have been reported as shot. The scene is still active…

Shots have been fired at a Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration in Northwest Miami-Dade, Florida. Police and first responders are on the scene. So far, eight people are reported as having been shot. The scene is still active.

Reportedly, three adults and three juveniles were shot while two other juveniles were injured. The two injuries were treated immediately and released to their parents.

Five of the other six are stable while one is awaiting surgery. Our thoughts and prayers go with him. He is described as a twenty-year-old man.

Police have detained some for questioning.

“I now can report that we have two people detained and are being questioned by our detectives, Detective Marjoria Eloi said, “And we have two firearms that have been detained.”

Video below:

According to a reporter, Ann Keil, at least two women looked like they had been shot in the leg. Officers were seen picking up these victims by hand and carrying them away to safety.

Moments later, a man was seen on the floor in handcuffs.

“[This happened] too close to home,” said witness Tammy Meeks, who was attending the celebration with her family. “I mean, I had my son out here, my nieces and nephews were here, and my main concern was to make sure they were OK. My main goal was to get down and cover them so they wouldn’t be harmed. It’s terrible. I mean, this is supposed to be Martin Luther King Day. This should be one of the one days out of the year where whether you’re white, black, Hispanic – no matter what you are, we come together and just have fun and care for one another. And it’s senseless that we can’t just do that on one day of the year.”

We will continue to follow the story and provide updates as we have them.


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