Brilliant Optical Illusion Causes Couple’s Maternity Photo To Go VIRAL

Brilliant Optical Illusion Causes Couple's Maternity Photo To Go VIRAL

A new viral Internet trend is born…

After this photographer’s brilliant photo shoot, one photo in particular is going viral, and now the Internet is bracing for a new viral trend.

Photographer Nicki Taylor snapped this shot of expecting couple Britney and Malcolm. Take a look at the photo, from Facebook:

Here is another look:

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 7.49.41 AM

It is so simple that I am surprised that I have never seen it done before. Have you? No doubt, after this, you will see it again!

Sometimes, these viral photos are intentional and set up, like the one above. Other times, they are completely random. Consider what happened to this mother:

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Other times, images become popular because of the sheer wonder of the subject matter. Here is another mother, who started practicing yoga after the birth of her second child. Her Instagram account has gained her worldwide notoriety and the athleticism she demonstrates in her poses is incredible. You can find some photos of her online balancing on one hand! She likes to practice her yoga while breastfeeding, which is a whole different element altogether. Take a look:

Of course, other times, photos go viral, and we know exactly why. This is always the case with new UFC star Lindsey Pelas. After her recent discovery, her Instagram account has grown to more than 5 million followers. She is stunning and many say that she represents “the perfect woman.” It is sexiness that causes people to view her images. Do you think that there is something wrong with that? Some do.

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What did we do with our time before the Internet? Were we smarter or not?

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