Researchers Reveal Men’s FAVORITE Boob Type, Do You Agree?

SCIENTISTS claim to know exactly which breast type men prefer – and apparently it’s not about size. Despite the common belief that men prefer women with really big boobs, it appears it’s not as simple as we had thought. There is an actual science behind breast size, shape, fullness and what makes men attracted to them.

Of course there are many men that still believe, whatever ones are in your hands are the best. Maybe that is the most ideal?

The Sun reported:

Researchers found that men prefer shapely, perkier breasts to the larger kind.

But a fuller chest is still top of the pops, it has been revealed.

Scientists at Prague’s Charles University wanted to find out exactly what it is about the female form that is so appealing.

But there was no sign of an engagement ring on her left hand

Scientists quizzed 267 men from four different countries on their preferences on a small and perky breast like Kate Moss, larger breasts like Jennifer Lawrence or a fuller chest like Katy Perry


Kate Moss is known for her smaller chest and waif-like figure

Kate Moss is known for her smaller chest and waif-like figure
Jennifer Lawrence sports a fuller chest

Jennifer Lawrence sports a fuller chest
Kim Kardashian

Curvy Kim Kardashian is another firm favourite

Larger breasts are linked to higher estrogen levels in women – and indicate higher fertility.

But the researchers wanted to figure out whether men were attracted to a larger chest for that reason and evolved to encourage “successful breeding”.

And while reading this article might get you a little hot under the collar, the research paper’s wording isn’t so sexy.

“The morphology of human female breasts appears to be unique among primates due to their permanent fat deposits,” the authors wrote in science journal Evolution and Human Behaviour.

Turns out that larger breasts that become less firm with time indicate less fertility later in life, unlike perkier breasts.

And so, the optimum breast must have a good combination of high fertility and fertility that will last over a long period, they reckoned.

So, in a case of having their cake and eating it, men are turned on by large breasts – but only if they are perky and shapely too.

To make sure they were certain, the researchers turned to 267 men from four different countries to prove their hypothesis.

Brave fellas from Brazil, Cameroon, the Czech Republic and Namibia all signed up, in the name of science.

They were shown two sets of images of varying chest sizes and firmness

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