BLONDE JOKE: How Do Blonde Girls Do Flaming Shots? Hint – VIDEO Is HOTTER Than You Think

BLONDE JOKE: How Do Blonde Girls Do 'Flaming Shots?' Hint: This VIDEO Is HOTTER Than You Think

A slow-motion, real life Blonde Girl joke. It just doesn’t get much better. The Internet is on fire today (get it?)

Though the world seems to be progressing in terms of intelligence, blonde jokes are still a thing. Why? Maybe only jealous brunettes like them, or maybe people are just awful; whatever the reason, blondes are still a slowly-moving joke target… Honestly, if you’re a human being of the flaxen-haired persuasion, or even one with a real sense of humor, you might want to stop reading right around here, because this is as good as it’s going to get. A good blonde joke is like a good slice of pizza: you can’t stop with just one. Is that the saying? When I was growing up, these jokes would go on for hours. Funny or not, they just keep rolling. Here is an entire list of our favorite blonde jokes for your delight. Vote up the funny jokes about everyone’s favorite hilarious punchline, the dumb blonde.

No one knows when the first blonde joke was written, but the next 10 million were probably written very soon afterwards, either by a jealous redhead or a guy with a lot of time on his hands. Whichever the case, with such clever variety, it can be hard to pick favorite dumb blonde jokes. If you’re a blonde, and you’re still reading it either means that you have a really thick skin, or you just can’t read. Either way, soldier on at your own risk; these waters are about to get choppy. The best dumb blonde jokes await you!

But first, a video:

If you like dumb blonde girl jokes, you are going to love these! WARNING: Some are not bad, others are cringeworthy. Worst-case scenario: share them with your middle school nephew. He will think they are funny…


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