Kite Surfer Doesn’t See This Until It’s Too Late [VIDEO]

Travel blogger Isabelle Fabre found the perfect day for windsurfing off the coast of Australia, not knowing that disaster could strike at any moment.  As she surfed, she saw a shadow below but passed it off as a shadow from her board.


But as she continued windsurfing, she realized that an unexpected guest was stalking her.  It was a great white shark.  She tried to steer away from it but the wind just wasn’t strong enough and the board kept dipping into the water and Fabre said later, that every time it did, she thought it was the end for her.

'I was struggling to get my ass out of the water and thought ‘I am done,' she said

 Ms Fabre said the shark measured at least two metres

Travel blogger Isabelle Fabre, 30, filmed her very close encounter with a huge great white shark as it circled her on the WA south coast, footage showing how close it got

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