Woman Kicked Out Of Restaurant Because Of What She Wore. Is This Right? [PHOTO]

A California woman is claiming she was discriminated against by a restaurant, who she alleges, refused to serve her because of her attire. She has taken her case to social media so that the rest of us can benefit from her story of oppression.

Anastasia Ashley posted a picture of herself wearing cutoff jeans, sneakers, and a white blouse to her Instagram page shortly after the alleged incident. Now, the whole world is weighing in on her case. File under attention grabber.

Anastasia Ashley, who claims she is a model and surfer, was recently booted from a southern California restaurant for what she was wearing. Or maybe she was not booted from anything and is just seeking attention, you will be the judge in this court of public opinion.

Ashley took to her Instagram page to share pictures of what she was wearing during the alleged incident, along with this caption:

“I was just discriminated against in a restaurant for my shorts being too short. My shorts aren’t too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don’t need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not. Does this look like an inappropriate California lunch outfit? and they aren’t even that short.”


Of course, she immediately received validation from a number of her Instagram followers. People were simply shocked that anyone would deny such a lovely human being service simply based on her appearance.

 “You’re perfectly dressed, just not for them! Plenty of fine establishments that are more than happy to serve you! Don’t waste your time and money on a place that doesn’t respect you!”

“Daisy Dukes are always welcome in the South! And we have way way better ribs ‘n’ que!”

Of course, no one asked if the restaurant has a posted dress code. They do. Its right on their website. And it is specific.

More important to this case is the noticeable lack of the other side of the story. And there is always another side to a story like this.

A spokesperson for Gulfstream, the restaurant in question, issued the following statement:

“She was here she was never asked to leave, those are just her interpretations, which are unfortunately not true.”

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