Florida Man Arrested For Threatening Trump With Assassination

A Florida man who posted a video in which he threatens to kill President-elect Donald Trump during the inauguration has been arrested.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that the Miami Beach police department confirmed the arrest of Dominic Puopolo on Tuesday at a sandwich shop, after he made a video recording of himself threatening to travel to Washington, D.C. on Friday and assassinate Trump.


The man allegedly shared the video online via Twitter. In the video he reportedly said he was “following orders” and he challenged the Secret Service to find him and stop him.

“Yes, I will be at the review stand at the inauguration. And I am going to kill President Trump, President-elect Trump today. What are you going to do about it Secret Service? I am following orders. What are you going to do about it?”

He also allegedly called himself Lord Jesus Christ. Police said that he will undergo a mental health evaluation.

The man was currently being held on a million dollar bond.




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