Here Are 15 NASTY Things The Person Sitting Next to You in Traffic is Doing

Ever notice the weird things people do while stuck in traffic? One moment you’re innocently singing along to Justin Bieber and you catch something strange out of the corner of your eye.  You then look to the car beside you and see a man with his foot high on the dash chewing on his toenails! While I haven’t seen some of these, I have personally seen people picking their nose and eating it. I want to barf just thinking about it, but apparently MANY people don’t even care that we can see them.

Here are what we would consider the 15 most uncomfortable things you’re bound to catch people doing on the road.


#15 Determined Nose Picking. Find anything valuable up there?

#14 Jerky Wedgie Pulling. Don’t hurt yourself, sir.

#13 Vigorous Ear Cleaning. Please don’t do that. 

#12 Dirty-Handed Contact Adjusting

#11 Discolored-Loogie Spitting. Dear God! Keep it in your mouth!

#10 Stringy Saliva Kissing. Get a room. 

#9 Tender Toenail Biting. I’m gonna barf. 

#8 Naked Air Drumming

#7 Sexual Hand Gesturing











#6 Cream-less Underarm Shaving

#5 Bloody Teeth-Flossing

#4 Awkward Tampon-Inserting. Tell me nobody has really seen this. 

#3 Danger-Zone Fondling

#2 Water-Bottle Peeing

#1 Side Window Vomiting

In case you didn’t know.
















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