Drone Footage Shows British Fighter Pilots Destroying ISIS Weapons Bases [RAW VIDEO]

British air strikes have destroyed a site used by Islamic State as a base for drones in the battle for Mosul, the Ministry of Defence has said. A pair of RAF Typhoons bombed the Mosul building used by the group, which the Government refers to as Daesh, on January 12.

As well as being used for housing weapons, coalition soldiers battling ISIS spotted a large rocket being loaded onto a truck at the same location.

A statement from the ministry said: ‘During the battle for Mosul, small armed remotely piloted aerial vehicles with grenades have been used by Daesh a number of times to harass Iraqi troops, with reports suggesting they have also been used to target civilian refugees.

‘A building in the southern area of central Mosul was identified as being used as a base for these drones and their operators.

‘On Thursday 12 January a pair of Royal Air Force Typhoons targeted the site, demolishing the building with two Paveway IV guided bombs.’

A Reaper drone watching over Iraqi forces in the city’s south-east also fired missiles on ‘a number of terrorists armed with heavy and light machine guns’, according to the MoD.

The following day, the ministry said, the same type of aircraft spotted a ‘heavy rocket’ being loaded into a truck by opponents.

‘They and the vehicle were promptly struck by a Hellfire missile,’ the statement said.

It comes after Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said two million people were freed from the rule of IS in the course of last year, as US-led coalition forces gained ground in Iraq and Syria.

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