Gender Bender Singing Sensation Goes Viral

Committed to educating through music and speech to wipe out ignorance, Ryan continues to share his inspiring message of hope & acceptance with numerous schools and universities across the country via his popular YouTube channel and at venues across the nation.

Unfortunately, her/his confusion wages on as he/she completely missed what it means to be gender binary and insists on sharing it with the world. Instead of not conforming to a gender, she chopped off her boobs and turned into a man. To make matters worse, he/she sings about it and the WORLD eats it up!

What the hell is wrong with people? Why do we insist on making stupid people famous?

Of course he/she does have her “haters” and some can be pretty cruel. But once you see this song you will understand why there has been just as large of a backlash.

Take a look.

I’m gonna wear girls clothes when I want to
I’m gonna wear boys clothes when I please

So f*** you, f*** you, f*** you
For telling me
To fit inside your gender binary
I won’t fit inside your gender binary.

I’m gonna break all the stereotypes you set up for me
All the stereotypes telling you i have to be manly
Yeah sometimes I want a beard but I won’t go on “T”
Cause I like my pretty voice, it just suits me

I’m gonna grow my hair real long,
I know that pisses you off
maybe it’s just cause i’m a hippie
you all look the same, it makes me yawn, sorry to complain
But I just want to wear what fits me


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