Her Gut Told Her To Set Up Nanny Cam, What She Discovered Is The Stuff Of Nightmares [VIDEO]

It seems to have become a theme for nannies to reveal their true selves while watching the children they are hired to watch. Unfortunately, these abusive nannies are becoming more and more common, and thanks to the infamous “nanny cams,” that parents have started to plant in their homes, these so-called caretakers are being caught.

When Springdale, Arkansas resident, Whitney Matney decided to go to law school, she knew that she would need help with her one-year-old daughter Raylee. After investigating options, Matney hired an old classmate from high school who came with good references as a well-liked nanny. In addition, she ran background checks that all turned out to prove that the woman, named Melissa, was a positive role model and caretaker. One reference had even raved about her, saying that her child clung to her from the moment they met.

Unfortunately, Matney learned the hard way that Melissa wasn’t as nice as her references claimed. Raylee instantly started acting strange every time the woman showed up at their door. “She would cling to me or my husband,” said Matney. When the changes in Raylee’s behavior started, Matney and her husband Chris didn’t waste any time and decided to set up a nanny cam to see if anything was going on behind the scenes when they were away from home. And they soon discovered that they had hired a monster…

When Matney noticed that the camera had been turned to face the wall when she came home on that first day when the camera had been set up, she knew something was wrong. While reviewing the footage that was captured on film, she witnessed Melissa spanking and violently shaking her daughter. After Melissa displayed these acts of abuse, she walked up to the camera and made direct eye contact with it, making for a chilling scene. She then turned the camera around.

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