17 Pictures of the Peaceful Demonstrations By Nazis in Washington DC [PHOTOS]

The lamestream media is playing down the riots in Washington in their never ending bid to bring Trump down.  But the truth is the demonstrators are nearly as big a scumbags as the media themselves.  They revealed themselves to be nothing but thugs and my guess is that they don’t have one job between them.  The IRS needs to send George Soros reminding him that the money he pays these thugs is not tax deductible.

Here are 17 pictures of their “peaceful demonstration.”


A concussion grenade explodes among protesters and reporters - Daily Caller - Grae Stafford

Bricks being pulled from the sidewalk on K steet during the protest - Daily Caller - Grae Stafford

Here they are collecting loose bricks and rocks so that the can pile them up where no one will trip over them

Limousine window smashed by protestors - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Protestor carrying bricks pulled from the sidewalk to throw at the police - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Bricks being thrown at police by protesters - Daily Caller - Grae Stafford

Police using concussion grenades - Daily Caller - Grae Stafford

Protesters fleeing from concussion grenades thrown by police - Daily Caller - Grae Stafford

National Guardsman reacts to a police concussion grenade - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Crowds fleeing through downtown as police advance - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Riot police in position during the protest - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Protestors set fire to inauguration shirts in the streets - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Protesters pose on top of a vandalised limosine - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Heavily armored riot police prepare for protestors - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Masked protester on the streets of Washington DC. - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Protester speaks to a National Guard soldier on a security line - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma

Slogans spray painted on a metro bus shelter - Daily Caller - Abbey Jaroma


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