Company Releases Rifle That Kills From 2 Miles Away, ISIS Has No Place To Hide! [VIDEO]

The sniper rifle showcased in the video below stands at 6-feet 8-inches tall and is certainly one of the biggest rifles ever made. Anzio Ironworks created the gun known as the 20x102mm Ultra Long Range Sniper System. Why? Because the creators wanted to increase the precision of firing from 2,000 yards to upwards of 3,500 yards (or about 2 miles).

When you see this gun in action, you might have a few complaints. But just watch at how the sniper can take down a target more than 2-miles away. With the way America and our allies are fighting ISIS in the Middle East, this kind of weapon would prove instrumental in taking out leaders, executioners, and others in high position from a distance far enough to minimize the risk to American lives…

So long as the sniper is surrounded by a team of support, the gunman should have the safety required to stay focused and take down targets from miles away.

In the video clip, the shooter lies on his stomach and prepares to fire the Ultra Long Range Sniper System at a distant target.

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