Dad’s Voiceover on Daughter’s Makeup Tutorial is Hilarious [VIDEO]

This young lady’s father should keep his day job, unless he’s really a comedian.

(H/T: Mashable)

He tried. He really did.

YouTube user Sophie Alder posted this video of her hilarious dad trying his best to narrate her makeup tutorial. And while he certainly makes a good effort, it’s clear he’s not quite up to speed on beauty terminology.

A few selections from the official Dad Makeup Dictionary:

“Large eyelash of a cow” = fan brush

“Sun in a dish” = highlighter

“Tangerine” = makeup sponge

“Box of chocolates” = eyeshadow palette

“Snow” = white eyeshadow

“Doo-dik-a-twisters” (sp?) = tweezers

To be fair, the sponge does look like a tangerine. We’ll cut this dad some slack.

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