‘Big Joe’ Slams Loud Mouthed Women’s March Protester’s in L.A. [VIDEO]

Big Joe gets it.  He understands how the real world works and he’s trying to explain to the lowlifes who are protesting President Donald Trump that they are being used as tools by larger people who hate America and want to use them to subvert it.  But they’re not listening.

Seriously, listening to this young woman’s screeching gave me Forest Whitaker Eye.   I don’t know how Big Joe was able to stand there and listen to it.  He’s a better man than me.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

Video of a Los Angeles man known as “Big Joe” debating Women’s March protesters began making its way round the Internet earlier this week.

Joe first tells his interviewer that he has nothing to do the protesters — whom he calls crazy — before launching into a seven-minute diatribe on why those refusing to accept Trump as president are out of touch with reality.


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