Fox Purges Conservative Stacey Dash [VIDEO]

Fox News continues to spiral it’s downward trend towards liberalism.  They have let go the beautiful, intelligent and well spoken Stacey Dash.  While they didn’t actually fire her, deciding not to renew her contract is the same thing.  The same station that would have paid 25 million to keep Trump bashing Megyn Kelly couldn’t afford the measly sum it would have taken to resign Dash.


The move was very popular with the BLM crowd.  Let’s face it, who wants to hear about a bunch of negativity every time you burn a CVS to the ground?  Fox is now left with Juan Williams, who sees black violence as a good thing.

Here are some of the reactions:





From The Conservative Tribune:

While we don’t know the circumstances surrounding Fox’s decision not to renew Dash’s contract, the truth is that she was a solid, outspoken conservative who bravely risked this vile condemnation and shunning to stand up for what’s right, honest and fair.

At times she may not have been politically correct in her comments, but she was willing to say what needed to be said, regardless of what it meant for her popularity.

Those celebrating her dismissal from Fox shouldn’t get too happy too fast, as people as resilient as Dash have a way of coming out on top in the end.

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