Texas Mall GM Angry With Man For Shooting Armed Robber

Gun-free zones do nothing more than draw a road map for criminals to know exactly where there will be no one who can stop them while committing crimes.

Gun-free zones help kill school children.

Criminals, by their very nature, do not abide by laws, including gun-free zone laws.

Perhaps the GM of this mall should put a sign outside his own home saying, “Doors Unlocked – No Guns Here – Come On In” or maybe, “Our Attractive 14 Year Old Daughter Is In The First Bedroom At the Top of the Stairs.”

Why do we still have pinheads who think gun-free zones are a safe idea?

(As reported by: The Daily Caller)

A good Samaritan took matters into his own hands when he fired multiple shots at an armed robber in a San Antonio mall on Sunday, but the mall says the man shouldn’t have had a weapon in the first place, according to USA Today.

The man, whose name has not yet been released, is a licensed concealed handgun holder who believes that other shoppers were in danger and he was within his legal rights to stop the suspect, according to San Antonio police spokesman Officer Doug Greene.

The incident began when another man, Jonathan Murphy, attempted to stop the armed suspects who tried robbing a Kay Jeweler’s but he was shot and killed. This is when the man with a concealed carry permit intervened and shot the suspect who killed Murphy. The suspect is in critical condition, and six other people were injured during the incident. The second suspect was later found in a car crash, according to CNN.

However, Rolling Oaks Mall’s general manager Dustin Christensen does not appear pleased with the actions of the man with the concealed carry permit.

“Although we respect the laws of the state and individual rights, we do, however, maintain a separate code of conduct that we visibly post at our entrances that includes the prohibition of any weapons on the property,” Christensen said in a statement to the press. “Our top priority continues to be the safety of our shoppers as we strive to provide the best possible shopping experience for all.”

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