Woman Has 24 Pound Tumor Removed In Viral VIDEO

Woman Has 24 Pound Tumor Removed In Viral VIDEO

Some things cannot be unseen…

This tumor is listed to be 11kg or 24.25 pounds. That thing is larger than a basketball but shaped like a watermelon! Imagine what it was like for this woman to live with that. Thank goodness these doctors were able to help her.

The tumor in this video is so massive that it made me wonder: What is the largest tumor ever removed?

Surprisingly, this tumor is small potatoes (uh, yuck) compared to a man in China, Yang Jianbin, who had a 242 pound growth removed from his body. In his case, it started as a birthmark on his lower back and grew to be the size of a fist before it was removed the first time. It started growing again, and he waited 25 years before having it removed again.

Mirror reports:

Chief surgeon Chen Minliang said: “We have seen neurofibromatosis patients before, but this is the biggest nerve tumor we ever saw.”

The giant tumor greatly affected Yang’s life. He says: “I can only lie down or sit on bed all day long.”

Removal surgery involved 9 doctors and took 16 hours. During the surgery Yang received more than five litres of blood – more than the entire amount an adult’s body holds.

That is incredible and disgusting. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 4.08.12 PM

Not for those with a weak stomach, is it. They video is a bit worse.

Watch the insane footage, below:

If you enjoy looking at things like this, there is quite a bit out there with the hashtag #tumor.

Happy searching! I think I am good for now.

Source: Woman’s 11kg Tumor Surgically Removed by Iruk2016 on Rumble

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