Brent Musburger on Olbermann: ‘He should get off that soapbox…’

During the Thursday edition of “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports, retiring ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger blasted former ESPN host and now GQ host Keith Olbermann over calling for President Donald Trump to resign.

Musburger said Olbermann, who used to work alongside Dan Patrick, should get back to sports, where people actually “enjoy him.”

“When did Keith Olbermann become this progressive that’s out there leading the banner?” Musburger asked. “I think I was looking for Musburger on Google last night and I’d had enough Irish whiskey that I hit the O button and I looked at Olbermann and he’s calling for the president to resign. What’s going on with my guy? I mean, come on. He’s a baseball guy. I want to know how many games the Cubs are going to win next year and he’s out there calling for Mr. Trump to resign. When did this happen?”

“He should get off that soapbox of his and get back to where we enjoy him. I love to listen to him talk baseball,” he added later.

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