Democrats: ‘How can we fool the voters today?’

Democrats are now touting that they understand they lost because of their message. And they did lose due to their messaging, but it’s not what they think.

Democrats think they lost because they didn’t make themselves clear enough to the stupid average voter, when in reality they lost because they did tell America what they wanted to do, which was to continue the eight long years of Obama policies. The problem for them is that America just resoundingly rejected the last eight years of failed Obama policies.

Whenever Democrats lost power in the past they believed the voters had a temper tantrum, this time around it was due to a white-lash. For Democrats, it’s never about them, even when they say it is.

Democrats believe the American people screwed up, but they are magnanimous about it, and will be very forgiving when the stupid voters reach their senses and put them back into their rightful places of power.

The problem for Democrats at this point is that reality is not arbitrary. The earth has moved, and the Democratic party never felt it.

(As reported by: Breitbart News)

After losing millions of formerly Democrat voters to Donald J. Trump in November, Democrats are at last figuring out how to talk to regular Americans with seminars to be held at an upcoming retreat, a report reveals.

Democrats may be understanding that they lost the capacity to talk to Americans who live outside a few large cities situated mostly on America’s coasts. As Politico reports, Democrats are meeting to hear from a list of speakers who hope to convince the party that they know the way back to power.

While some of the speakers scheduled to appear at the retreat in Sheperdstown, West Virginia, will offer up the same old liberal ideas, others will be speaking to renew efforts to talk to real Americans.

According to reports, several of the programs will urge Democrats to consider changing their message. Moderate Democrat and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, for instance, will moderate a panel designated as a “discussion with Trump voters” in an effort to reach out to the voters the party lost to President Trump.

Another program on the subject of “speaking to those who feel invisible in rural America” will feature Steve Beshear, a former Democrat Kentucky Governor, along with Democrats Michael Bennet, from Colorado, and North Dakotan Heidi Heitkamp.

Other seminars include, “Listening to those feel unheard” and “Rising America — They feel unheard too.”

These topics may be a hard sell to a party contemplating hiring a new party chairperson from among candidates trying to outdo each other with far left talking points.

Candidates for the Party Chair include Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison who is closely connected to anti-Semite and anti-American Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. At a recent candidates forum, Ellison claimed blacks face “mass incarceration” and then made the false claim that Trayvon Martin was “executed.”

Another candidate for the chair, Pete Buttigieg, the white mayor of South Bend, Indiana, far outdid Ellison by claiming he personally fills half a dozen minority slots. “I’m a walking intersectionality. I’m a left-handed, Maltese-American, Episcopalian, gay war veteran,” he claimed during the candidates forum.

Even worse is Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown, who appears to be working in exactly the opposite direction as those speakers hoping to convince party leaders to reach out to lost white voters. In her bid to win the chairmanship, Brown insisted that she would see her job as chair to “shut down white people” and to tell whites to “shut their mouths.”

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