Black Trump Supporter Truth Bombs White Liberal Protester [VIDEO]

Since Donald Trump was elected President we have seen more and more black conservatives speaking out in ways they never were able to before.

Prior to the election it was taboo in liberal la la land for an African American to support anyone other than the Democrat candidate, but Trump is the first Republican in decades to make a solid effort to reach out to the black community, and they are responding in kind.

I for one say hallelujah & praise Jesus, because as a conservative I know that the black community will be better off with conservative principles being pushed by this White House, and we have a lot to learn from our African American brethren about ways to improve life and conditions in the many hell holes progressive Democrats have been running for decades in big cities across America. Now we can begin a dialog in ways that simply weren’t possible before.

Of course, I’m not saying the African American community is now going to switch teams and all become Republicans. Fat chance of that happening so soon. But what I am saying is that Republicans would be smart to reach out and include the African American community during this moment in time, because they may never get another chance to prove they are the party of all men and women who want less government control over their lives, safe neighborhoods and safe schools, and the ability to reach as high as they can go using their own God-given talents.

I say, God bless Donald Trump for making this possible and to African Americans who are now willing to speak out… welcome home.

(H/T: Deplorables, Inc.)

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