Man Singlehandedly Takes On Liberal Protesters To Save The Flag [VIDEO]

I don’t understand how liberals think it’s a respected tradition to burn the American flag.  Forget for now that courts have said it’s protected speech.  When you burn the American flag in a protest you are saying you hate the United States of America.

Liberals will argue that burning the flag doesn’t mean they hate the country, it’s the leadership they hate.  Well, the American flag represents the country, which is all of us, and not just the politicians.  Trust me, people aren’t covering their hearts in reverence of their politicians.

And then this happened…

(H/T: US Herald)

Liberals in America today are very unhappy after they didn’t get their way in the 2016 presidential election.

Rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, and realizing that the left has made it impossible for the majority of Americans to think of anything else but going right, they have decided to take their outrage out on America as a country and the traditional American ideals.

One of their favorite activities is defacing and burning the American flag however they can.

There are still some patriots in this country that realize the meaning of the American flag and how important it is to preserve this great American symbol.

When a group of raging anti-American liberal lunatics tried to burn an American flag in the streets recently, they made a huge mistake. They had no idea who was watching and he wasn’t going to have any of this disgusting disrespect.

A true American FedEx worker saw the band of self-loathing thugs and their attempt to burn the American flag and knew he had to step in.

Despite the danger of the liberal thugs and the flames themselves, this FedEx worker chose to put himself in harm’s way and do what’s right.

He took his own fire extinguisher and put out the burning flag. Meanwhile another bystander supported the man and called these liberals’ actions out for what they were “treason” not “freedom.”

Then these liberals tried to justify themselves for burning the flag by saying they have the freedom to do what they want in this country and they soon tried to burn the flag again. Too bad for them, this patriotic FedEx worker stepped in to save the day once. again.

Watch the video of this patriotic bravery below:

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